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We are very pleased that you have taken the time to visit our page. We do hope you enjoy a cup or few very soon. Although cocoa has been a major Grenadian export crop for centuries, most people outside of the small island only consume cocoa in chocolate bars, powder or syrup.


Earth Brew seeks to change that. Our drinking chocolate blocks have been subjected to only time, heat and the spices of the island.This allows you to taste the natural, earthy fermented flavours of the cocoa bean and experience what Grenadians have known for centuries: Chocolate in its simplest form offers the most complex taste.


Although we’re a small island, Grenada is an internationally recognized producer of cocoa. We partner with Plaissance Estates, one of the oldest and largest farming estates on the island. Plaissance does not use any artificial manure or harmful pesticides in the cultivation of its cocoa.


As with the preparation of most Grenadian food, spices are infused in our products. Worldwide Grenada is known as The Spice Isle and as such, nutmeg, cinnamon and bay leaf are profiled in our blocks. But that’s enough talking, try our beverage. We recommend our recipe for an amazing cup of chocolate but no doubt you will modify for your own taste. Remember, your way may just be the best way so why not experiment a little. Let us know how it turned out.


Catering & Events


Take advantage of our Bulk Ordering for that special event you're having or maybe you're just catering to your wonderful guest. We supply Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Special Events, Breakfast Events and also Event Planners. Nothing like hot cup of Earth Brew Cocoa to ring in the New Year after partying all night. These bulk packages are custom made so, orders should be placed a least two weeks ahead of your event or company needs. The same great taste and quality that you've grown to love in our individual packs are now available to you in a much greater quantity. Click below to see our options and price list.

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend sharing a cup of Earth Brew Cocoa.” 


The Beans


Earth Brew Cocoa is currently negotiating to lease property from L.A. Purcell & Co Ltd, for the purpose of reaping organic cocoa for processing at their Plaissance Farm Estate. In the event the Plaissance Estate is unable to meet the supply, dried organic cocoa beans shall be purchased from the Grenada Cocoa Association.


Nutmeg spices are also to be purchased from L.A. Purcell & Co Ltd, and Cinnamon barks and Bay-leaf from the farms of Dr. Lindwall Thomas at Mt. Anon in the parish of St. David. It is the utmost importance that Earth Brew, for all ingredients used in our products, be  traced directly back to its source. This serves as a measure of quality, pride and to ensure consistent satisfaction beyond your norm. 

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