The Start of it All

Affectionately known as The Spice of The Caribbean, Grenada can add another sobriquet to her name. "The Caribbean Chocolate Capital," not only does it have a sweet sound to it, but its also quite true. Boasting five major chocolate companies on such a tiny island is an accomplishment in itself, but these companies all strive to be ranked with the world's best, sacrificing quantity for excellent quality. Grenada Chocolate Company, Belmont Estate, Crayfish Bay, Jouvay and new comers Tri-Island Chocolate Factory. It's no surprise then, that Grenada host their very own Chocolate Festival, appropriately named Grenada Chocolate Fest held annually in the month of May. This however comes to no surprise, since Grenada at one point were the leading producer of Cocoa for the entire Caribbean. Dating back centuries to 1714 when cocoa trees was first introduced to the island, in less than 50 years, Grenada was the largest producer and exporter of cocoa, with just about 50% of the British West Indian Cocoa export. An estimate of 343,400 pounds of cocoa were exported from Grenada by 1772.

Fast forward to 2020 and one can clearly see why Grenada holds the Gold Medal and has been appropriately dubbed the The Caribbean Chocolate Capital. With pure, dark, rich, smooth, a taste like no other and organic brands to choose from; you'll find that Grenada's Chocolate is uniquely positioned not only as a finished product, but also as a raw material for countless options. Top Chefs around the world has gravitated to using Grenada's Chocolate, permeating the culinary industry with a touch of The Spice Island. Used to infuse and transform their delicious dishes, making it even more spectacular adding that Michelin Star quality to restaurants near and far. Pastry artist, mixologist, beauty technicians and spas and of course beverages are all industries that continues to enjoy the diversity of such an amazing product. 

Grenada's Chocolate

So what's next for Grenada's Chocolate? With the recognition it's currently enjoying, there's only one trajectory on the horizon and that's growth. The sweet taste of victory may be in sight but that hasn't clouded the Chocolate Companies and the Cocoa farmers commitment to excellence. Perfecting their craft and constantly improving methods keeps the entire industry on their toes. A mix of tropical fruit entwined with the Cocoa farms gives the chocolate its distinctive and satisfying taste. Each company sourcing from their individual farms, thus producing a different sensation to your palate. This can only breed a quality that leaves you in awe and constantly returning for more.


Earth Brew is extremely proud to play our part in the diversity of Grenada's Cocoa Industry. Bringing to you our blend of organically sourced cocoa, infused with local spices and subjected to natural elements only. A hot beverage beloved by many and soon to be you, indigenously known as Cocoa Tea